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Uncanny Valley

Below is a list of trigger warnings per episode.


EP 1

Ma'am, this is Alaska

Anxiety, domestic argument, mention of a gun, panic, profanity, violence, whispering

EP 2

Securely Insecure

Alcohol, anxiety, mention of a gun, profanity, stalking, whispering

EP 3

The Subtle Art of Being a Person

Anxiety, mention of drug use, mention of a gun, panic, profanity, stalking, violence

EP 4

The Thing You're Running From

Anxiety, profanity, stalking

EP 5

Anxiety, death, mention of homophobia, profanity, stalking 

There's Always Tomorrow

EP 6

Coming soon

EP 7

Coming soon

EP 8

Coming soon

EP 9

Coming soon

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