Dayton Writers Movement is accepting audition recordings for Uncanny Valley, a new audio drama releasing in 2023. The show is an isolationist horror drama that also includes comedy and suspense. Season one is nine episodes long.

Uncanny Valley will rehearse and record in January-February 2023 in Dayton, Ohio over approximately three weeks.

To audition, you must be 16 or older (parental permission required for anyone under 18) with availability for rehearsals and in-person recordings taking place in Dayton, Ohio. Some roles will be paid a small honorarium up to $150 (depending on size of role). Some guest roles will be unpaid.

Audition recordings are due by end of day Sunday, December 4, 2022.

We are auditioning for a variety of roles with varying levels of commitment. Some roles come with the expectation of returning for future productions, as noted.

Uncanny Valley will contain adult language and content, including depictions or implications of stalking, domestic abuse, and violence.

We are completing auditions digitally. Please do the following:

  • Record your audition as an .mp3 or .wav or another file easily accessible (if you have an iPhone you can record right in “Voice Memos”).

  • Email Dayton Writers Movement at with:

    • your audition file(s); you may audition for more than one role

    • your availability; please note what weekday evenings and weekends you are available and not available for January and February of 2023

Below are character descriptions with dialogue for a variety of characters. 

Ages listed in character descriptions are just the characters’ ages; as long as you sound like the character’s age, you don’t need to actually be that age.

Thank you, and good luck!


Q: Can I audition for multiple characters?

A: Yes. Please do! Submit separate audio files for any parts you are interested in!

Q: Should I read (or have someone else read) the opposing lines?
A: You should do whatever showcases your performance the best. If you’d like to only read the lines for the featured character, that’s fine. If you’d like to have someone else read opposite you because you deliver a stronger performance, that’s also fine.

Q: Can I submit multiple takes for the same role?

A: If the takes are significantly different in tone, voice, approach, etc., it's fine to submit more than one take. If the takes are similar, please just choose your strongest take.

AUDREY - F, 30

  • Series regular (paid); 9 episodes; expectation of return in future productions

  • Creative, awkward, introverted, escaping traumatic events

  • Click here for audition lines

IZZY - F, 16

  • Series regular (paid); 9 episodes; expectation of return in future productions

  • Sarcastic with a dark edge; big personality

  • Click here for audition lines.

CODY - M, 30S/40S

  • Series regular (paid); 8 episodes

  • Authoritative; “Nice guy”; ranges from charming with a hint of menace to outright menacing

  • Click here for audition lines.

NORA - F, 40+

SAGE - F, 60+


  • Recurring guest star (paid); 2 episodes; expectation of return in future productions

  • Haunted but hopeful; Audrey’s brother

  • Click here for audition lines.

EVERETT - M, 60+



We will also be casting a variety of guest roles in addition to the ones listed above. We will consider auditions for the above roles when casting the additional guest roles.