Dayton Writers Movement, creators of The Hidden People which has been listened to more than 1 million times, is accepting audition recordings for Velocity, a new audio drama releasing in 2023. The show is a grounded superhero story about young women navigating high school that includes comedy, drama, and action. Season one is seven episodes long.

Velocity will rehearse and record in June 2022 in Dayton, Ohio over approximately three weeks. 

To audition, you must be 18 or older (or 16+ with parental permission due to adult themes). The rehearsals and recordings will take place in the Dayton, Ohio area. Roles in this casting call will be paid a small honorarium.

Audition recordings are due by end of day Sunday, May 21, 2022.

We are auditioning for a variety of roles with varying levels of commitment. Some roles come with the expectation of returning for future productions, as noted.

We are completing auditions digitally. Please do the following:

  • Record your audition as an .mp3 or .wav or another file easily accessible (if you have an iPhone you can record right in “Voice Memos”). Please record all sides in the .pdf for the character.

  • Email Dayton Writers Movement at with:

    • your audition file(s); you may audition for more than one role

    • your availability; please note what weekday evenings and weekends you are available and not available for June.

Below are character descriptions with dialogue for a variety of characters. 

Ages listed in character descriptions are just the characters’ ages; as long as you sound like the character’s age, you don’t need to actually be that age.

Thank you, and good luck!


Q: Can I audition for multiple characters?

A: Yes. Please do! Submit auditions for any part you are interested in!

Q: Do I need to read all of the parts in the audition side?

A: You only need to read the character you are auditioning for. If you or someone else want to read the other lines, you can but it is not required. 

Q: Can I submit multiple takes for the same role?

A: If the takes are significantly different in tone, voice, approach, etc., it's completely fine to submit more than one take. If each is essentially the same with perhaps minor phrasing changes, please just choose your strongest take.

Recording Studio
Music Recording Studio
Playing Guitar
Microphone Sound Editing
DJ Set
DJ Headphones
Surface Aircraft
Geometrical Shapes
3D Close Up

FINLEY - F, 16

  • Series regular (paid); 7 episodes; expectation of return in future productions

  • Positive attitude but unsure; warm; smart

  • Click here for audition lines

RAINE - F, 16

NELL - F, 16

TYLER - M, 16

DAD - M, 40S/50S

OLIVIA - F, 14

DEREK - M, 20S